The goals of cooling water treatment are to help our Clients optimize their profitability by keeping equipment clean and operating efficiently, as well as extending capital equipment life. We do that while conserving resources, safe guarding the environment, and protecting the health of those around us.

Cooling Water TowerWe use new and innovative polymers to eliminate corrosion, scale and fouling. Often our AquaCool technology does not require metals, nitrites, phosphates or phosphonates. This gives our Clients very stable and effective protection that is very environmentally friendly (GREEN!).

Our AquaCool product line includes the following products & services:

  • Open, evaporative cooling tower scale and corrosion inhibitors. These products include:advanced crystal modifier for high stress scale prevention and removal
      • a tagged terpolymer for easy testing and strong fouling control
      • polymeric mild steel corrosion inhibitor, giving steel corrosion rates less than 1.0 mpy
      • tolytriazole for yellow metal corrosion control
  • Stress formula tower inhibitors utilize special molecules that allow operating LSI’s up to 3.5. These AquaCool formulas will handle waters or conditions Cooling Water Tower Treatmentthat fail with more conventional treatments.
  •  Phosphate and metal free tower inhibitors will protect your cooling systems where neither metals nor phosphates are permitted.
  • Microbiocides include liquid oxidizers, dry oxidizers, and a full suite of non-oxidizers and biodispersants.  We can help minimize the risk of Legionella issues.
  • Our Mobile Engineering Center that can, in real time, monitor and control all cooling water chemistry on site. With the MEC you will know how things are working before a problem occurs.
  • Closed system chemistries that afford a full range of options including, nitrite, molybdates and all organic programs.


Optimize your Water Resources