Chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing (Frac) are a critical component to completion and stimulation of an oil or gas well.  Our SafeFrac™ chemical program uses NSF potable equivalent and FDA certified molecular building blocks to completely ELIMINATE the risk of potential cross water source contamination.

Oil and Fracking Diagram Completion ChemicalsThe One AquaSorce SafeFrac™ program includes the following features:

  • Bacterial control without environmentally persistent microbiocides
  • Hydrogen sulfide suppressor using FDA acceptable regulated components
  • Oxygen and ferrous iron control with molecules used in FDA regulated applications
  • Friction reducers with ultra low residual acrylonitrile, NSF acceptable for potable water
  • Scale and deposit control chemical with no aromatics, acrylonitrile or other toxic contaminants
  • Intrinsically safe surfactants and iron stabilizers

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