Pump JackWith the value of energy resources, the performance of producing gas and oil operations can be measured in:

  • Asset production rate
  • Reliability of the production site
  • Maintenance costs to keep production up

One AquaSource Hydrocarbon Production Chemicals are designed to help producers achieve maximum production rates with minimum downtime and maintenance.

Our product line includes:

  • Deposit/Scale Inhibition – Calcium, strontium and barium based scale  deposits can reduce production and impede movement of product through extraction equipment.  Our advanced scale control products plus our expertise will control these troublesome deposits. In addition, we can control troublesome black, iron sulfide deposits.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – Hydrogen sulfide, a common contaminant of gas and oil, can be corrosive to equipment and is toxic to humans.  Our line of H2S control products will remove or bind H2S.
  • Corrosion Control – Corrosion of steel piping and tanks can reduce or stop production as well as increase repair andreplacement costs.  Corrosion Ban products will minimize damage from corrosion and insure consistent operation of your capital equipment.
  •  Bio Control – Our microbiocides were specifically developed for use in oil & gas field operations.  These microbiocides are quick kill biocides that have the of the following features:Scaling
    • Auto detoxifies
    • Can sequester iron sulfide – cleans up dirty equipment
    • VERY economical use/cost
    • Stop SRB growth, reducing H2S production
  • Foam Assisted Lift (FAL) – When the water column stands between you and your production, FAL can bring the gas back to your bottom line.  Our line of FAL foamers will be matched to your fluids to optimize production.
  • Paraffin control products will eliminate paraffin and asphaltene deposits from the formation and the production equipment.  The increased production achieved can often bring back a marginal or non-productive well.
  • Emulsion Breakers – A side product of gas and oil production is the generation of water/oil emulsions.  Emulsion Break products will recover oil from these emulsions and produce water that is clean.
  • Produced Water Recycle – Our experience in waste water treatment can help you recycle your produced water.  Ask us how!

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