One AquaSource, Inc. is a full-service independent oil and gas production chemical and consulting service company. We provide our clients with a unique suite of products and services that includes equipment, chemicals, and consulting services. This allows us to provide our clients with the best possible chemical treatment solutions without the limitations typical of most chemical treatment providers.

This organization is positioned to be your single source for all of your production, stimulation, and drilling chemistry needs.

Some of the products and services that we provide are:

  • High-performance frac/stimulation fluids. Never use guar gel again!!                                                     
  • Scale inhibitors, including BaSO4 scale prevention
  • Iron sulfide (black water & deposits) prevention and removal
  • 'Safe' scale dissolving agents, including BaSO4 scale without strong acids
  • Equipment corrosion inhibitors
  • Paraffin wax deposit control & removal
  • Hydrogen sulfide prevention and scavenging
  • Complete drill out chemistry, compatible with frac fluids
  • TeNORM remediation and prevention in production equipment

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